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Question for the Technician:
i was into archery when i was a kid and shot a compound bow recently while on
vacation. now i want to get into it again. i'm looking for advice on basic equipment i'll need.
1. finger guard
2. arm guard
3. compound bow
4. arrows

can you give me some recommended brands for each of these items so that i can begin
shopping around.
Technician's Answer:
A simple hair tab is usually the easiest to use for fingers on a compound. Neet makes armgards suitable for what you need. PSE makes some compounds in a reasonable price range to get the feel of a quality bow without paying a lot. Easton aluminum arrows are a good way to go. Make sure you get the right size.

For all this stuff and some basic instruction to get you going, I'd suggest looking for an archery pro shop in your area. This will give you a place to really get some initial shooting in and have someone walk you through it.

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