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Question for the Technician:
I am a certified archery instructor. I was hired to become a local YMCA's archery
instructor. The problem is I saw the are in which there is supposed to be an archery range.
The area is located at a local middle school in which it is set in a residential neighborhood.
The ages of the campers taking the arhery classes are from 6-14. I feel this is an unsafe
shooting range. So, my question is, What is the minimum space required to teach archery?
I was wondering if you could e-mail me any information regarding this topic, so that I could
show my employer that this are is an unsafe area for conducting an archery lesson.
Technician's Answer:
You want to have plenty of room from side to side to allow for glances and possible misfires. The back of the range should have nothing that would have people around. Open field or a nontrailed area of trees works well. If the kids are shooting up to 20yds, you want at least 50yds from front to back of the range. Assuming you are in the U.S., The NAA Level 1 manual actually contains information on the setup of a competition field and has many tips on safety. It is a good book to go by and would have what you need to show your employer. You don't get many better sources than the governing body of Archery for the country. You can find more info about it and the general contact numbers for the NAA at

In general too, it should be an area that you, as the instructor, feel is safe. Archery is one of the safest sports with a very low injury rate. Considering that we hurtle projectiles for quite a distance, this safety is due to people playing it safe and keeping themselves and others from harm. Taking chances just ends up with people being injured or worse.

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