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Determining Draw Weight and Length
To determine the draw weight of a compound bow if the tag is missing (and even if it isn't) you need to pull it on a bowscale. The highest poundage reading as you replica bell & ross br-01 series it on the scale is called the 'peak weight'. The poundage reading at the fullest draw on the scale is called the 'hold weight'.

You can tell when a bow is the right draw length for you when you can stand straight up and down, pull the bow without moving your head at all, and have your index finger of the pull hand come to the swiss tag heuer carrera replica of your mouth. If you have to move your head forward or back to find the corner of your mouth once the bow is fully drawn, the bow does not fit you. Knowing what the length is can be tricky as there are no hard standards on how to measure that from bow to bow.

The string can be twisted to swiss rolex yachtmaster replica the draw which will also drop the draw weight. Depending on the bow and year, the wheels/cables might be adjustable up to over 1 inch. Most bows are adjustable but it depends on which bow as to how that is done - one cam, two round wheels, two cams, modular, etc.

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