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Question for the Technician:
I recently purchased a new compound bow off of the Ebay website. How do I figure out the draw weight? It doesn't state it on the tag. Also, how do I figure out my ideal draw
length? As you can tell I am fairly new at this.
Technician's Answer:
To find out the bow draw weight, you need to use a bowscale which you can get from most hunting suppliers or distributors like Lancaster Archery. You can also usually just go to your local archery pro shop to weigh it there. Determining your correct draw length can be confusing. What is important is that the bow fits you. If you draw the bow standing straight without moving your head and the index finger of your pull hand comes cloe to the corner of you mouth, the draw length is close. If it falls past the corner of your mouth, it is too long by that much and vice versa.

In general finding some experienced archers locally who can help you out is the best way to go. It's also a lot more fun.

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