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Question for the Technician:
I'm thinking of dropping a few strands of my 8125 string, to 14-strands, for my 45 pound FITA-style recurve bow. Do u think its a feasible thing to do? will it damage my limbs in anyway? my setup is as follows:

Yamaha SuperFeel + SCC limbs
Shibuya Titanium long/short rod setup
45 pound, draw length 28 1/4 inch
A/C/C 3-28
Technician's Answer:
It is not generally a good idea to drop below 16 strands on 8125...especially on a 45# bow. In fact, at that weight, you will find that 18 strands will be a more stable setup. The only reason to go lower in strand would be to try to tune a stiff arrow or for speed, either way, bow perfromance
will suffer and you will find that what you gain is far less than what you lose.

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