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1.  Easton Arrow Selection Chart (PDF format) Complete Easton Arrow Selection Chart in PDF Format

2.  Easton Complete Tuning Guide (PDF format) Easton's Tuning Guide Includes:

Preliminary Bow Setup
Standard, Fine, Micro, and Broadhead Tuning
Measuring and Cutting Shafts
Installing arrow components

and much more...

3.  Bow Tuning - Multiple Methods A. walk back tuning (Gerhard Gabriel's method)
(all types of bows and shooting styles)

B. cushion plunger tuning (Vic Berger method)
(bows with a cushion plunger)

C. paper tuning
(mainly when using a mechanical release)

4.  Tuning for Tens (PDF Format) A recurve tuning guide put together by Rick Stonebraker from Texas.

5.  Controlling Bow Behaviour with Stabilizers (PDF) Controlling Bow Behaviour with Stabilizers by Steve Ellison

6.  Construction plans for a FITA Target Stand (PDF) Construction plans for a Target Stand for holding a 48" or 52" buttress in a manner compliant with the FITA regulations. Plans created and provided by John Scott of Beaumont, TX. (

7.  Wooden Arrow Making A procedure by Rob McNeur for making your own wooden arrows from scratch.

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