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Date Posted: Jun. 28, 2001
Posted By: The Archer

Nighttime Rounds Contemplated at 2004 Athens Olympics

From the NAA:

In Athens we have changed our competition times because of the extremely hot weather. We will shoot one session in the morning and one in the evening after the sun is at lower strength. All finals will be at night (pending TV approval).

The Latest hot omega replica watches for save up 50% OFF and free shipping. The top quality cartier replica watches online sale. I would not be too concerned. Shooting at night with a well-lit sight and target is probably easier (and healthier) than at 2:00 p.m. We will practice this during our test tournament in 2003, so most archers can shoot in the exact conditions. During the Games in 2004, we will have practice sessions several evenings.

I don't see why the lights couldn't be set up on several targets at ARCO for $2,500 or less. FITA will need to give all MAs an idea of the lumens on the target and on the bow sight. I believe the evening competition will be more comfortable for the archers; offer improved aiming capability and be a better spectator and TV event. Site to buy hot sale rolex replica watches for man, buy now chopard replica watches save up 50% OFF and free shipping.

I guess we have to see. As you know, we shot at night at the 2000 World Field Championships and had no complaints from the archers or coaches. It was a great success. With night field competition we can bring the archers to the spectators (in the center of a town) and the same will be true in Athens. Archery will be the only sport in the city center, except a cycling road race and the finish of the marathon. Best Quality longines replica watches for man. buy the best hot breitling replica watches for man.

I ask you to share this information with those concerned and we will know more after the 2003 test event.

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