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A community dedicated to making available all the info an archer needs. Whether an Olympic competitor or a weekend dabbler, one goal is always present -- to enjoy this wonderful sport. We look forward to your contributions in pursuit of our common goal.

Upcoming Tournaments:

1. 18 m. Fita
3. Wo-Pe-Na Open

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Coaching Tip!

Back Tension in Archery
by: James Loesch, NAA Certified Coach

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At the Buy & Sell
Top 5 reasons Recurve and Compound shooters are equal:

5. Both are crazy enough to do the same thing over and over and over and over, get frustrated often, and still tell everyone else how much fun archery is.
4. Both always blame the equipment... it's never the shooter. :)
3. When at big tournaments with dealer displays, both spend their lunch money equally on that one piece of equipment which "will make all the difference".
2. Both never pay attention at work but instead are thinking about how they "figured it all out" and will shoot nothing but bull's eyes from now on.
1. Mosquitos don't care what you shoot... you could even be a bowler!

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