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A community dedicated to making available all the info an archer needs. Whether an Olympic competitor or a weekend dabbler, one goal is always present -- to enjoy this wonderful sport. We look forward to your contributions in pursuit of our common goal.

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Top 5 reasons archers are always tired at tournaments:

5. Up late the night before fletching... of course we could have done it a little earlier but somehow that never seems to happen.
4. It's Vegas (World Archery Festival) and we just had to play one more coin in the slot machine... of course since we didn't win, we had to play JUST one more... of course since we didn't win, we had to play JUST one more... of course since we didn't win...
3. Up till who knows what time of the morning swapping archery stories about how we were so tired at the last tournament that the funniest thing happened...
2. Ever notice how the room next to you in the hotel always parties super late when you have to shoot early? Then again that could be your competitor setting the TV really loud and putting in earplugs just to mess with you...
1. Up late at night making one of these top 5 lists... and yes... I do have to shoot a tournament tomorrow morning... just noticed it's 3am... sheesh... luckily I don't shoot till the 1PM line... good night...

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