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Question for the Coach:
I came just home from Denmark, Trelleborg vikingbattle, and wonder if anyone in this world can educate us to real re-enachment archers? We need education. Our bows are authentic, about 40-60 pounds in strenght, can be more. We would be grateful of any information or contact. We live in Scania, south Sweden, but archers around Scandinavia are interested to learn more about archers in re-enachment war.
Coach's Answer:
there's some general documentation here at website at:

This documentation is actually from the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). They are the ones that really specialize in re-enactment all around the world. I would be very suprised if there wasn't already some activity in your area or not too far away. They aren't archery specific but instead deal with all aspects of re-enactment. You can find more information out about them at:

There is a list of some websites for some locations in Europe somewhere near middle of the page at:

The first site though should have lots of info. for you and tons of contacts to get more specific information for what you need.

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