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Question for the Coach:
i have to teach basic skills to kids ages from 10 - 17. i love archery, but i have to
teach the kids bow safety, sighting, stance, holding, and shooting. i hope you can help me find a good site that shows the basic's of archery.
Coach's Answer:
What I would recommend is that you actually get in touch with your National Archery body. You can find links to a lot of them in our links session. Most national bodies have a whole coaching kit for cases exactly such as these. These kits will range anywhere from documents on how to teach the basics with posters to show it all, to patches that you can give the kids upon successful completion. These kits are usually free or cost very little to cover printing costs. If your own country's national organization does not have such a kit, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll try to help you track down such a kit from another country. We definitely see the benefits of providing such information on the web and will do our best to perhaps put up such a section in the near future.

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