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Question for the Coach:
I've recently started up archery. I'm using an older compound bow that was previously owned by my father. I was wondering if there's any special care or maintnance I should do to the bow or pullies. The bow has not been used in several years. Any advice or suggestions would be gratefully appreciated. A second question I have is related to my technique. I seem to have trouble shooting without getting pinched by the bow string. I'm currently using an arm guard to protect myself from further bruising but I do want to improve my technique.
Coach's Answer:
You can use a lithium grease on the axles and make sure the string is in good shape by keeping it waxed. Make sure the center serving is in good shape as well. Most of the time, string slap is due to the position of your front shoulder. If it rolls in too close to the string, you lose the clearance and the string hits the arm. Make sure your shoulder stays back during your shot and the string should clear.

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