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Question for the Coach:
How do you paper toon a bow?
Coach's Answer:
For one of the most comprehensive arrow tunning documents, you can check out Easton's acrobat pdf document at:

In general though what paper tuning involves is shooting your arrows through a piece of paper a couple of meters in front of you. By looking at the hole the arrow creates in the paper you can get a good idea of how tuned the arrows are. A perfectly tuned arrow will fly perfectly straight through the paper and will leave a clean whole with 3 distinct fletch tears around it. An arrow that flies through the paper at an angle will cause a line shaped tear with the point at one end and the back of the arrow and fletch at the other. To do this test you need to find something to hang the piece of paper on which will keep it taught from top to bottom. It can't just be a loose hanging sheet. And of course, don't get your friend to hold it for you. :>
<a href="">70-411 exams</a>
<a href="">MB2-703 exams</a>
<a href="">070-462 exams</a>
<a href="">70-462 exams</a>
<a href="">70-461 exams</a>
<a href="">070-410 exams</a>
<a href="">JN0-102 exams</a>
If you read the document from easton it will give you exact details on how to analyze the holes to see whether the arrows are stiff, weak, etc.

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