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Question for the Coach:
I'm just getting started with archery and I am inexperienced as far as shooting. I was wondering, when I pull back, do I hold the back of the arrow, or do I hold the string?
Coach's Answer:
When shooting, one always wants to have contact with the string alone and never the arrow.

We always want to pull on the string and give the arrow as much room as comfortably possible so that we don't pinch it or touch it on either the top or bottom with our fingers. The reason for this is that we don't want to affect the arrow flight at all.

For example, by pushing on the bottom of the arrow, we could actually be raising the arrow off the arrow rest which would often show as the arrow constantly being knocked off the rest during pull back (without a clicker) or just prior to release (with a clicker). With a clicker, what will also happen often is that we effectively lift the arrow up so that it sits on top of the plunger button rather than against it. These shots will result in the arrow going VERY high right for right handed archers. At 70m, you would basically miss the target and land somewhere at 90m off on the right. :>

Similar adverse affects happen when pinching it from both sides or pushing down on it. The more contact you have with the arrow during the release stage, the more erratic the flight will be as well. Most finger tabs have a finger spacer available so that you can help ensure that you give the arrow nock space during the draw. Either way, just make sure that when you get your grip on your string, space your fingers above and below the arrow with enough room so that during the draw when the string angle changes, they aren't pushed onto the arrow. You don't need to give them a huge amount of room as that would build too much tension in the fingers... just a few mm on either side.

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