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Category: Recurve

Question for the Coach:
how can you find out the proper lengths for a beginners recurve bow?
Coach's Answer:
The size of the bow you use will very much depend on the length of your draw. Every bow size has a specific range of draw lengths within which it provides the most efficient return of stored energy. For instance someone shooting a 26" draw length will shoot a 66" bow while someone shooting a 29" draw length will shoot a 68" bow. For beginner's this isn't necesarilly the most important detail though (unless they have a super long or super short draw length) and will be more dependent on what equipment they have access to. If they are buying their own equipment, start by figuring out the draw length of the shooter and then decide on the bow length from there. I have seen some variance in this table but a starting guide could be:

(all measurements in inches)
23 to 25 draw length = 64 bow length
25 to 28 draw length = 66 bow length
28 to 30 draw length = 68 bow length
30 and up draw length = 70 bow length

Again though, there are a lot of discussions about this and is more for a guide rather than a strict set of rules. If you know what bow manufacturer you will be buying from, they will usually have a table of values for their particular equipment.

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