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Question for the Coach:
I started archery last year, shooting my compound with my release. I am interested in knowing what is the next step in improving. I did take a session for beginners last year. Right now it's just a lot of shooting, trying to stabilize my bowhand, breathing throughout the shot, stretching the back for the release. But all this is just trial and error. In my area, there is not a lot of coaching for compound. I've noticed some techniques for recurve does not work for compound (e.g bow hand grip pressure).

I have progress up to a point where I started hunting. I'm presently shooting up to mid-250 for the FITA 3 target at 18m. But I doubt I can improve without some additional training.

My only suggestion from a very good archer is to subscribe to Archery Focus Magazine.
Coach's Answer:
A good suggestion to get Focus, however, be very careful how much information you try to take in as beginner. The best way to learn if you do not have good instruction is the trial and error you speak of. It would surprize you to know that the techniques I teach to compound/release shooters are very similar. The basics are ALL the same! (including bow hand pressure)

Do not bog yourself down in little things that are not part of the fundamentals of shooting form so early in your development (Like breathing, etc.) My suggestion would be to find pictures of good archers and see what they look like. Watch good archers shoot and try to pick out big
things they do that you do not and try them. Good luck out there.

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