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Question for the Coach:
my son is an instinctive shooter on recurve, 30 lb. He is 13. He wants to take up olympic archery. We are in Long Island. I need a basic book and and a place to get gear because we are in compound country here in Long Island NY
Coach's Answer:
When it comes to finding the best place for him to start and some good reading material, I would definitely contact the National Archery Association (NAA) which you can find contact info. for at .

They are the most likely to know about other NAA archers or clubs in your area and can definitely send you material. Depending on how far down the island you are I know there are other Olympic archers in the New York and New Jersey area and often tournaments are held in those areas.

If there aren't many close archers that your son can shoot with on a daily basis, I would definitely recommend taking an occasional day trip to do so. Shooting occasionally with other Olympic archers will go a long way and in the other times he can shoot on any other local range.

Good luck with everything and let us know if you have any difficulty finding information and we'll help track it down for you.

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